Big Yellow Beauty

Big Yellow Beauty

A few weekends ago, Brett & I attended a fundraiser for the St. Albert Rotary Club. It was the Bidding and Blarney II Auction and Gala lead by the one and only auctioneer, Danny Hooper. Now that guy is funny!

One of the fundraising items was, buy tickets and enter them for a wheelbarrow full of wine. ? I think there were more than 70 bottles of wine in this wheelbarrow. Amazing right! Brett and I were both joking how we would be excited just to win the wheelbarrow!

So I went over and bought my ticket to enter the draw. While doing so, I got chatting with a lovely lady at the Gala, and we went over and entered our tickets. We were discussing which wines were good ones and I told her how Brett and I would just be excited to win the wheel barrow because ours has a broken handle.

Well I didn’t win the wheelbarrow full of wine.

But my new friend did!!!  And to follow suit, she gave me the wheelbarrow!

We were blown away by her kindness! And so excited to bring home this Yellow Beauty!

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