Chuckwagon Chili

Chuckwagon Chili

This recipe is so good that I always double or triple it and freeze the extra to have on hand. Then when company shows up, all I have to do is pull it out and stick in the pot to warm!


  • Vegetable Oil: ½ cup, divide
  •  Fresh Jalapeno Pepper, 1 – chopped
  •  Ground Beef &/or Pork:  2 lbs (1lb of each is nice)
  •  Butter: 1 tbsp
  •  White Onion: 1 medium, diced
  •  Salt: 1 tsp
  •  Ground Cumin: ½ tsp
  •  Paprika: ½ tsp
  •  Ground Black Pepper: ¼ tsp
  •  Garlic: 3 cloves, minced
  •  All-Purpose Flour (optional): ¼ cup
  •  Salsa: 1 small jar
  •  Water: 4 cups
  •  Canned Beans: 2 cans, rinsed (black, kidney or Pinto)
  •  Cilantro: ½ bunch, chopped leaves
  •  Lime Juice: 2 tbsp
  •  Hot Dogs: 1 package, chopped


1) Set slow cooker on high to pre-warm it.

2) In a large frying pan, add vegetable oil and chopped jalapeno. Sauté for two minutes.

3) Stir in ground beef &/or pork, cook until evenly brown. Once cooked, remove meat and jalapeno mixture from frying pan, place into a bowl and set aside.

4) In the same frying pan, add the remaining ¼ cup vegetable oil, butter and onion. Sauté for two minutes or until the onion softens. Stir in salt, cumin, paprika, pepper and garlic.

5) Transfer onion mixture to your slow cooker. Then sprinkle flour over the onion mixture. Stir in salsa and water, keep stirring for one minute to prevent flour from clumping.

6) Add ground meat and jalapeno mixture to slow cooker along with canned beans, fresh cilantro, lime juice and hot dogs. Cook for a good hour to let those flavors mingle.

7) Serve with buttered buns. Makes about 8 servings. Enjoy!!

Cheers & much love,


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