Sausage BBQ Box


Sausage lovers unite over this beauty of a box!

Made with a great little assortment of smoked and fresh sausages, the main difference between our sausages and store-bought is ours are packed with lean beef and pork. No fillers or binders, just good farm-fresh meat, and great flavour!

Our sausage makers are a couple of Swiss pros that have been at this art for decades. And it shows!

What’s in the Box:

  • 2 x Angus Burgers (6/pack)
  • 2 x Fresh Bratwurst or Spicey Italian sausages (4/pack)
  • 2 x Jumbo Hot Dogs (5/pack)
  • 2 x Jalapeno & Cheddar or Regular Smokies (4/pack)

Cheers & much love,


p.s. Please note:

  • Attention celiacs: our hot dogs contain wheat crumb. All other sausages in this box are made without gluten, but they are made in the same facility that handles spices that may contain gluten. I would hate for someone to get sick, so if you are a severe celiac, please make note of this.
  • Photos are from old sausage boxes and this little farmer can’t figure out how to update them now that her website has changed a few things around!
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