Orlopp Bronze Turkeys


Our free range heirloom Turkeys are raised on lush pasture, resulting in a flavour packed, juicy bird. Perfect for getting your family together over a memorable supper.

…if you make your own gravy, oh my gosh! You’re in for a real treat!!

Our Farm Fresh Turkeys will be ready just in time for Thanksgiving. This will be the only time we will offer turkeys, so if you’re like us, please keep in mind to double up for Thanksgiving and Christmas if Turkey is your go-to!

Pick up dates:

  • October 10th: Farm Store, 3pm – 7pm, see map here.
  • October 11th: St. Albert, my parents home (2 Horton Crt), 3pm – 6pm.


Whole Fresh Turkeys are $5/lb and range from 12 lbs – 26 lbs.

The $10 deposit per Turkey goes towards your final balance.

How to order:

You can order right here through our website, just click “Add to cart” and select “Quantity”.

If you wish to skip the website, or have any questions, please call/text: 780-222-9134 or shoot me an email: info@blueridgefarms.ca




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