Pastured Chicken



A big thank you to everyone who got on our email list and purchased  chickens from us this year!

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Our whole Chickens are the BEST bulk buy! One Chicken will feed your family for 2 or 3 meals, with the effort of only one.

Slow cooker chicken the first night, chopped chicken tacos, lettuce wraps or sandwiches for the second meal. Then simply cook up the left over bones and skin for a big pot of soup!

You will have enough time the next “leftovers” day to schedule that coffee date you and your friends have been long overdue for.  And your family still eats!


Whole Chickens are $5.50/lb and range in size: 3 – 6 lbs each.

We take a $5 deposit per Chicken when you order that goes towards your final balance.

You can order right here on our website, just click “Add to cart” and select “Quantity” and then Proceed to Checkout.

Or skip the website and call/text 780-222-9134 or shoot me an email with any questions (


If you are in search of Pastured Chicken parts such as: Wings, Ground, Breasts, Thighs, Drums etc. we will have those at our Farm Store as well in September!

Cheers and much love, Jillian

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