Individual Cuts


Treat your self with our incredibly flavourful, hand-raised Angus beef.

Please add your order in the “notes section” of the “check-out” or contact us directly to place your order, or c/t: 780-222-9134, we would love to chat with you!! We reserve your customized order under the min. $30 non-refundable deposit paid during checkout. This $30 will be put towards your final purchase amount. S/O = Sold Out

BEEF CUTS Cost ($/lb)
Ground (1 – 1.5 lb packs) $8.00 S/O
Ribeye Steaks (2/Pack) $23.00 S/O
T-Bone Steaks (2/Pack) $23.00 S/O
Top Sirloin Steaks (2/Pack) $18.00
Frenched Tomahawk Steaks (1/Pack) $21.00
Sirloin Tip Steak (2/Pack) $15.00
NY Striploin Steaks $23.00
Eye of Round Roast (3-4lbs) $8.50
Outside Round Roast (3-4lbs) $8.50 S/O
Inside Round Roast (3-4lbs) $8.50 S/O
Sirloin Tip Roast (~4lbs) $10.00
Cross Rib Roast (3-4lbs) $12.00
Beef Stew (1.3 lbs) $8.50 S/O
Brisket (3-4lbs & 9lbs) $8.00 S/O
Prime Rib Roast (6-8lbs) $19.00 S/O
Shank Steak (1.5 lbs) $7.00
Beef Bone Broth (1 Quart) $12/container
BEEF (70%) & PORK (30%) SAUSAGE Cost ($/lb)
Garlic Ring $12.00 S/O
Summer Sausage $12.00
Regular Smokies (4/Pack) $12.00 S/O
Cheddar Smokies (4/Pack) $12.50
Jalapeño & Cheddar Smokies (4/Pack) $12.50
Honey Garlic Pepperoni $9.00
Kids Easy Eat Burger (4 oz, 5 pack) $10.00 S/O
The Big Angus – Burgers (6.5 oz, 4/pack) $10.00 S/O
Bratwurst Dinner Sausage (4/pack) $11.50 S/O
Italian Meatball Premix (1.5 lbs) Gluten Free $10.00 S/O
Beef Breakfast Sausages (12/pack) $11.50 S/O
Maple Beef Breakfast (3/4lb) $11.50 S/O
Beef Jerky (Regular) ~$13/Pack S/O
Beef Jerky (Pepper) $~13/pack S/O
Marrow Bones (2lbs & 5lbs/Pack) $4.00
Bulk Marrow Bones (~14lbs/Pack) $3.50
Liver (1 lb packs) $5.00
Tallow $10.00  S/O
Oxtail $4.25
Suet $5.00
Tongue $4.00 S/O
Heart $4.00 S/O
Kidney $4.00  S/O

We are butchering more beef at the beginning of February, it will age for 21 days, and be ready at the end of February.