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Individual Cuts


Our Pastured Pork is in a league of its own! Flavour and nutrition deliciously packed into each bite.

Please add your order in the “notes section” of the “check-out” or contact us directly to place your order, info@blueridgefarms.ca or c/t: 780-222-9134, we would love to chat with you!! This $30 will be put towards your final purchase amount.

S/O = Sold Out

PORK CUTS Cost ($/lb)  
Belly Bacon $13.00  
Back Bacon $13.50  
Smoked Ham (5-7lbs) $7.50  
Ribs $7.50 S/O
Smoked Ribs $8.50  S/O
Bone in Chops $7.50  
Smoked Chops $9.50  S/O
Pork Belly $9.00  S/O
Tenderloin Steaks $18.00  S/O
Shoulder Roast $7.50  
Stew Meat $6.00 S/O
Tenderloin Roast $14.50  
Ground (1.2 lbs) $6.00  
Ham Hocks for Soup $5.00  
PURE PORK SAUSAGE Cost ($/lb)   
Jumbo Hot Dogs (6/Pack) $9.00  
Garlic Ham Sausage $10.00  
Regular Breakfast (12 sausages/pack) $9.50  
Gluten Free Breakfast Patty (6/Pack, 5oz patties) $9.00  
VARIETY MEATS Cost ($/lb)  
Lard $2.00 S/O
Soup Bones $2.00  
Liver $3.00 S/O
Heart $1.50 S/O
Tongue $1.50 S/O
Feet $1.50  S/O