Grab a container (4 Cups) and whip up the most flavourful and nutritious soups and stews with such ease! Or heat some up for a gut healing cup of pure goodness. …yes it’s thats good, you can just drink it! Made from our very own home grown Pastured Chickens, Water, Celery, Onion and Carrots. We have partnered with Chef Kelly  from The Orchard Cafe in Whitecourt to brew up the most perfect batches of Broth for you. For sale by the Quart for $12/container while supplies last. Cheers & much love, Jillian p.s. A little bit of important info for you:

  • Our broth has no comparison what so ever to the cartons you find in the iles of your common grocery store. Traditional Bone Broth like ours is known for its high collagen content (get ready for glowing skin, healthy hair and nails) and minerals which contribute to bone and tooth health.
  • Our broths are a mineral rich infusion made by roasting the bones of our beyond organic chicken carcasses, then slowly boiling them with vegetables, herbs and spices.
  • If you have or know of anyone that has struggled with their Gut Health, Allergies or needs an Immune Boost (how’d your last cold or flu go? Not fun right!) Our Bone Broth NEEDS to be in your fridge.


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