Farming isn’t just a way to make a living,
It’s a way to make a life.

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How is your food raised?

We are a family, a farm, and interactive members of our local community. As a young expanding family, we have been growing our dream of producing delicious, local, healthy, and clean food. Our farming roots stem back many generations and have created a mentality that respects the animals, the land, and our health conscious consumer’s desire for home-raised meats. Blue Ridge Farms is based on the notion that dedication and attention to detail lead to a quality product.

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Our promise to you:

  • Traceability from field to fork

    Blue Ridge Farms maintains a verified on-farm food safety program (Verified Beef Production) created to uphold our consumer’s confidence in our products and good practices. We are certified with Verified Beef Production and McDonalds Canada. As members of the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency, Alberta Pork Producers, and the Premises Identification Program, our cattle and swine are tracked from birth to butchering using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) ear tags. From day one, our chickens and turkeys are home-raised and eventually hand-delivered for processing. All animals are butchered and processed at a local, provincially inspected facility.

  • Low stress handling

    Each and every animal at Blue Ridge Farms is treated with great care and compassion. We rarely need to handle our stock but when we do, our handling systems are designed to mimic the natural flow of movement which lowers stress and keeps the animals relaxed.

  • Additional Hormone & Antibiotic Free

    Blue Ridge Farms believes in providing our health conscious consumers with a safe and trusted product free of additional hormones and antibiotics. This is our guarantee.

  • No use of animal by-products

    We are stringent about raising and crafting home-grown meats without the use of animal by-products. Note: our animals will pick up bugs and beetles when grazing.

  • Quality

    We are extremely fortunate to produce in a country that holds some of the best regulation and safety standards worldwide. Blue Ridge Farms believes in creating trusted relationships with our health conscious consumers by providing quality, naturally raised products that are safe and flavorful. Our Beef and Pork’s exceptional taste and tenderness results from selecting quality genetics, a grass fed diet and barley finish under the sun, and an dry-aging process. Our Poultry’s succulent taste results from choosing specific “quality” breeds, a grass fed diet and space to move freely.

  • Environmental Stewardship

    By grazing every animal on pasture, our farm reduces greenhouse gas emissions and increases Carbon sequestration and storage. By grazing effectively and efficiently through our pasture rotation system, we are able to improve the land through the use of animal grazing and natural fertilization (manure and urine) power. This process of consuming 70% of the plant and leaving 30% behind creates enough effect on the plant that they put their resources into growing new roots and rhizomes, hence Carbon sequestration and storage. The grazing animals benefit as well as the plants and soil biota.

A Brief Look Into Life At Blue Ridge Farms

This is a short little video that we here at Blue Ridge Farms find inspiring and want to share with you.

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Can’t like it enough! Love the quality of the meat and eggs, and feel good about supporting local farmers who treat their animals with a good life! Recommend this place to everyone I know.
-Vanessa S.