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We will not be attending any Markets this year. We are taking a step back to make more family time. We are open though! Sundays from 1-4pm and by appointment.

We are also opening a NEW Farm Store this spring and would love to have you out for a visit. Come grab a few groceries, pat a horse, pick some eggs, and let your kids run free. 

Jillian & Brett Byers 780-222-9134

Email info@blueridgefarms.ca

Address Blue Ridge, AB

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Frequently Asked Questions

We price our products on what it costs us to raise and process our animals into a top quality product. We maintain pricing similar to grocery stores but provide a much better product, nutrient dense and full of flavour!

Blue Ridge Farms accepts multiple methods of payment: our website accepts Pay-Pal and in person we accept: Cash, Etransfer, Credit and Debit.

Purchasing a half or whole animal is the most affordable way to feed a family. The cost of $5.50/lb hanging weight includes the animal as well as custom-cut and wrap fees for all standard cuts (steaks, roasts, mince, soup bones and stewing meat). Any specialty items such as jerky, sausage or hamburger patties cost extra. If you’re interested in a bulk order, contact us for a cutting instruction sheet. If you are not sure which cuts are best for your family, please don’t hesitate to ask, we would love to help.
Beef butcher weights: ~1000lbs
Hanging weights (65% of butcher weight): ~650lbs
Take home meat (70% of hanging weight): ~455lb
Pastured Pork will only be offered in the fall as it is seasonal.
Grass-fed Alberta Beef is offered all year, we butcher multiple beef each month.

We encourage our customers to pick up at our farm so they can experience a bit of farm life. Please mind the Free Range Chickens and Children! We also offer a pick-up location in South St. Albert every month. Check out our delivery dates and location here: https://blueridgefarms.ca/uncategorized/delivery-dates-locations-times/

A typical side of beef is around 8 cubic feet. It comes in 5-6 butcher boxes of the finished product.
No, however we consider our product naturally raised. We pride ourselves on raising every animal out on pasture without the use of medicated feeds. Organic feed costs are extremely expensive and this would result in a price increase for our customers.
Aging is a key element in the tenderization and flavor intensification of beef. Commercial beef is often packaged soon after cutting without an aging process. We like to age our beef for 21 days, reducing the moisture content and concentrating flavor.