Hi! I am so glad you are taking the time to get to know us!! We began growing our own food because we believe that food is medicine and eating well, respecting our bodies and staying fit can prevent and cure a lot of our daily ailments.

If you struggle with weight issues (losing & gaining), depression, anxiety, headaches, emotional imbalance, skin conditions such as eczema or acne, it can all be helped by food. These are all conditions that myself and my loved ones or close friends have experienced. By making changes in our diets, leading a nutritious lifestyle where we “fuel our bodies” instead of weighing them down and plugging them up, our physical & mental health has improved.

Life on our farm began June 22, 2011. Brett and I had been together all of a year and before we knew it we had a farm. We started out with a puppy (Abby), 2 cats (Bella & Patches), 3 horses and 11 Red Angus heifers during the first year. During that year, we ended up adopting a stray dog (Ruger) and a kitten we named after our neighbor (Maurice).

The following years brought kittens, foals and more cattle. We soon ran a heard of 800 grazing yearlings and 50 cows with calves at their sides. During that time we managed to get married and start a family. When I was pregnant, Brett quickly found out that he had lost his best farm hand. Our daughter arrived and she became our little miracle.

The seasons changed and after the summer drought in 2015 we decided to scale back on grazing yearlings, increase our cow-calf heard and diversify the farm. We wanted to expand our passion for healthy food and begin providing it to others.  In the spring of April 2016, we calved out 96 cows on grass, it was busy. Watching those calves run and play is absolutely enlightening. We also brought home our first lot of Berkshire piglets, chicks and turkey poults and began to build our Grass-Fed meat business.

I was very pregnant with our son Cohen but managed to attend the last 4 weeks of the St. Albert Farmers Market…this is where we got the market bug.  Being able to talk to and communicate with our customers about our farm and products was very enjoyable.

We are now starting 2019 off in a deep freeze, but the cattle are in great condition and shaping up well for the oncoming calving season in April. We will be calving out ~280 cows and heifers this spring, it will be our biggest year yet and we cannot wait for it to begin.

One of my favorite parts of calving is watching the expressions on my children’s faces as a new calf is born.


Hi, I’m you’re cattleman. I grew up playing hockey in the little town of Vegreville, AB and was often out at the family farm riding horses and playing in the mud.

As a child, my sister and I grew up on farm fresh meat. My mother was the best at turning ground beef into the most delicious meals. I now call them”kid friendly” meals because my daughter (a picky eater) almost always finishes her plate when she’s at Grandma’s house.

I believe it is important to fill each day with intent and purpose, and in order to optimize that you have to eat well. I used to think eating well meant salad, lean protein and complex carbohydrates. After learning about the health benefits of grass-fed meat, dairy and egg products, I now feel good (mentally & physically) about eating a juicy steak, sausages, chicken thighs or an omelette (yolk included)!

Go-Oilers-Go! Cheers,




Hi again! I am your farmer, a mom, chef of our house and community volunteer. I grew up riding horses competitively in Vernon, BC and was always outside no matter what time of year it was.

As kids, my bother and I lived very active lifestyles and were always on the go. Learning to fuel our bodies as children doesn’t really happen, it’s up to the parents to make those choices.

Both my parents cooked; some of the meals my Dad (a native Kiwi) came up with were “unique” but always tasty. (For ex. Toast with homemade raspberry jam and sliced raw onion….what on earth?).  Farm fresh meat and home grown veggies (when in season) were served every night on our table.

It can be difficult to find the time to make nutritious meals every day and night. But there are ways to do it and we can help.  Give yourself, your kids and your loved ones the nourishing and energizing meals you have always wanted.

Keep in touch to learn more about how you can do that. It is an ongoing process of learning in our home and we love sharing that knowledge with you!

Cheers & much love,