The incredibly durable metal of a cast iron pan is sensitive and highly reactive when it comes to sitting water causing rust. Here are a few simple tips to keep it looking and working like new! 

I recently bought a cast iron pan, for a number of reasons: 

  1. I am getting grossed out by how quickly these “non-stick pans” are going bad, and can’t help wonder where that “non-stick stuff” goes? Gulp.
  2. Cooking technique and the results that a cast iron can give!!
  3. Durability and longevity. Built for life! My kinda product.


If you have a newly bought pan that comes pre-seasoned, or an old pan where everything sticks to it, know this, it will need to be seasoned, so its time you get seasoned too!

  1. Pre-heat oven to 450*F or 235*C
  2. Wash your pan using soap, warm water, and steel wool. Give it a good hard scrub, removing any little food particles &/or bits of rust. Note: when you wash out your pan on an average (non-seasoning) day, use just water if possible, this helps to preserve the existing seasoning. 
  3. Dry your pan well. I like to rinse my pan with scalding hot water, tea towel it, paper towel it and then stick it in a warm oven for 5 mins. This creates a blank canvass to work with.
  4. Use a high-temperature cooking oil such as Avocado Oil, Canola Oil or any high temperature cooking oil. Lard or shortening works too, it’s just more difficult to smear evenly. Olive oils are low-temperature cooking oils and will burn off quicker. Using a paper towel, cover the entire surface of your cast iron with oil. Rub it in until it no longer looks greasy. Too much oil/fat on your pan will leave hardened polymerized oil droplets. 
  5. Place your pan upside down in your pre-heated oven for 30 mins, with a cookie sheet or something underneath in case it drips. If this is the first time you’re seasoning your pan, once will do the trick. If your pan is really dried out and sticky, then make sure you redo this 2 or 3 times! 


  • Do not let (even a droplet of) water sit in your cast iron pan, it will rust! 
  • Do not leave your pan to soak, NEVER EVER! 
  • Do not cook acidic foods, such as simmering tomato sauce. Tomatoes are very acidic, so cook them in stainless steel and leave the cast iron for your Beef Steaks!
  • If you are a bone broth maker, keep your beef fat and use it to refurbish your cast iron!

Cheers & much love,