Every month our family ranch offers tender, delicious, AAA bulk beef in Edmonton – quarter beef, half beef, and whole beef orders. Our beef are bred and fed to result in a fantastic flavor that thrills the tastebuds for restaurants and families in and around Edmonton. 


We have 400 mother cows that we calve out every spring. The breed of our herd is Angus – Simmental, we like this mix because the Angus marbles nicely, and the Simmental gives a larger frame to grow a good-sized animal. When it comes to weaning time, select calves are chosen to enter our breeding program, and some for our meat program. 

Our cattle are all raised on pasture or homemade hay their entire lives. When it comes to finishing beef for butcher, we offer both grain-finished and grass-finished. The grain-finished beef are beautifully marbled and tender, and this is the option the majority of our customers choose when purchasing our bulk beef in Edmonton. 

Our grass-finished bulk beef are butchered in July and August when the beef are nice and fat while consuming grass. But we do butcher grass-finished beef throughout the rest of the year which makes up the bulk of our ground beef and beef for our various sausages. Our ground beef is one of our best sellers!

If you are unsure of which finish (grain or grass) would best suit your family, just give me a call and I can help you decide – I help families every month fill their freezers with our delicious beef in Edmonton. 


Our Edmonton butcher is located on the NE side, and I provide their details once we begin chatting more. Our beef are butchered there, aged for 14-30 days, cut and wrapped, frozen down, and available for pick up there. If you live near our farm (view map on the contact us page), I am more than happy to bring your order home here and save you the trip for picking up your beef in Edmonton. 


Our ranch is located 1.5 hours NW of Edmonton, and we have a cute little Farm Store open every Sunday from 1 pm – 4 pm, or throughout the week by appointment. In the farm store, we offer a great selection of farm-fresh Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, and Fresh Eggs. We also offer sourdough bread & bagels, raw honey, gourmet coffee, preserves, mama & baby skincare products, and much more.


If you have any questions about buying our bulk beef, just give me (Jillian) a call/text 780-222-9134 or shoot me an email: go through the beef cut sheet with you over the phone and we discuss the best options for your family. I do this all the time and will make recommendations that makes ordering beef in bulk easy and convenient. 

BULK BEEF PRICING INFORMATION: can be found right here – 


Cheers & chat soon,


P.s. this blog post is written to help families learn about filling their freezers with good farm-fresh beef. If it sounds like I’ve used the words Beef in Edmonton a lot… well that is intentional! It is supposed to help shoppers like yourself find my posts easier, something about SEO! I’m a farmer, not a website guru, so please share this post or the links above with friends and family who would be interested in filling their freezer with delicious, farm-fresh Beef in Edmonton! 😀 Thank you so much.