Your 6 Health Benefits from Eating Grass-Fed Meat & Eggs

Your 6 Health Benefits from Eating Grass-Fed Meat & Egg Products

When you order from our family farm you know exactly how your food is raised; with respect for the animals, land and your health conscious family in mind. Here’s why eating our Grass-Fed meat & eggs is better for you than conventionally raised products.

1)    Omega-3 Fatty Acids: grass-fed animals contain much more healthy fats than grain fed. A high omega-3 diet can help to lower bad cholesterol levels, risk of heart attack, depression and attention deficit disorder and more. These fats are essential for your brain and can only be found through your diet as they are not naturally produced.
2)   Lower Calories: grass-fed is naturally leaner because grain fed animals contain greater amounts of fat due to their high protein (grain) diet.
3)   Potential Cancer Fighting and Preventative Weight Gain: Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLA) are much more prominent in grass-fed than in grain-fed animals.
4)   Antioxidants: grass-fed animals contain higher amounts of vitamin E and can lower the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer.  It helps to promote healthy blood for your circulatory system.
5)   Healthier Livestock: grass-fed animals have space, fresh air and feed that is agreeable to their gut heath. A healthier animal results in significantly low to no presence of E. Coli or use of antibiotics.
6)   Environmentally Sustainable: grass-fed animals give back to the land, improving the soil biota, plant health and capturing more greenhouse gasses than they produce. Click here to learn more about Cattle Carbon Sequestration on our farm.  A healthier environment is better for us all!

Now that you’ve learned why you feel better eating grass-fed products, please share this article with a friend or family member to help them live a healthier lifestyle too!

Cheers and much love,

Jillian & Brett