Cornish Rock Giant Chicken

Pastured Chicken

Our whole Chickens are the BEST bulk buy! One Chicken will feed your family for 2 or 3 meals, with the effort of only one. Slow cooker chicken the first night, chopped chicken tacos, lettuce wraps or sandwiches for the second meal. Then simply cook up the left over bones & skin for a pot of soup!

You will have enough time the next “leftovers” day to schedule that coffee date you and your friends have been long overdue for.  And your family still eats!

Pastured chickens will be available in the spring, summer & fall of 2018 when our birds can live outside and have a pasture based diet.

– Whole chickens are $5.50/lb & 4-6lbs

– $5/Chicken deposit required.

Contact me with any questions!

Cheers & much love,