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Custom-cut Bulk Pork



We will have bulk pork available this fall. Please contact us to Pre-Order!

Our “hand raised” pigs are known for their outstanding marbling qualities.  We raise our pigs in a big grassy field where they have tons of room to roam, root and run!

Our price of $4.50/lb x the hanging weight, includes cut and wrap fees and delivery to your door! Any extra processing to make Bacon, Sausages and Hams is an additional cost / lb.

What Does Custom-Cut Mean? Custom-Cut means you get to choose the exact cuts that you want. I will help you with this. Custom-cutting is available for 1/2 and whole Pigs! 1/4 Pig orders will follow our standard cutting instructions.

Approximate Price:

Take Home Meat


Quarter Pig: $225

~35 lbs


Half Pig: $450

~70 lbs


What is “Hanging Weight”? On movies when you see a walk in cooler full of beef or pigs hanging, that is what we are talking about. So the head, hair, feet, tail, blood & organs have been removed. The hanging weight is how we base our pricing, it varies from pig to pig, so you are guaranteed a fair price.

Most of our pigs have a hanging weight of 200lbs – 220lbs. Any bigger and they’re slightly fatty, any smaller and they’re slightly lean.

I Want Bacon & Hams, What are the Additional Processing Fees?  Here are the costs: Bacon ($1.25/lb), Bacon Slicing ($1.50/lb), Hams ($1.25/lb), Nitrite & Sugar Free Bacon or Hams ($2.50/lb), Breakfast Sausages ($3.50/lb), Garlic Sausage ($3.00/lb), Breakfast Patties ($2.50/lb).

Sausages require a 25lb minimum order.  Any questions give me, Jillian a call: 780-222-9134.

To order a half pig, just double the deposit in the check out. For a whole pig, please quadruple the deposit. Thank you… your tech challenged farmer 😋


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