Halves and wholes beef sales
Beef custom cut sheet

Custom-cut Bulk Beef


This is the most affordable way to purchase beef AND get the exact cuts you like.

Our Alberta Angus beef is offered in standard-cut quarters, custom-cut halves & wholes for $5.50/lb * hanging weight.

Whole animal hanging weight is approximately 650/lbs.

The average price for all of your cuts works out to ~$7.85/lb!

This price includes cut and wrap fees though specialty products such as jerky, sausage and burgers have an additional charge.

Any questions give Jillian and Brett a call at 780-222-9134.

Quarter Beef Deposit: $400

Half Beef Deposit: $800

Whole Beef Deposit: $1600


Quarter Beef Info: ~$890

~113 lbs of take home meat. Quarters follow our standard cut and are made up from a side of beef, so you get cuts from the front end and the hind end.

2.5 large Boxes (2 cubic feet each); 1 (55 lbs) Box of Lean Ground Beef, 1 (55 lbs) Box of Steaks, Roasts, Stew Meat etc. & 1 Box of Marrow Bones, Liver, Heart, and other variety meats.

** Half and Whole Beef orders are Custom-Cut, you choose the cuts!